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Question: Hoya bella

Good morning, I wanted to know when the beautiful Hoya starts putting new leaves. And the flowers?

Answer: Hoya bella

Dear Angelo,
Thank you for contacting us about the Hoya bella plant, via the Expert's column.
The Hoya species belongs to the Asclepiadaceae family and originates from tropical climates.
They are characterized by being evergreen with creeping or climbing habit cultivated in pots per leaf but also for flower even if less showy.
The white flowers on the outside with varying shades in the center according to the species from rosaceous to purple, appear as molded in wax, from which the vulgar name attributed to them, that is wax flower, are then usually grouped in umbrellas armpit of leaves from May to September.
With regard to the setting, these plants require
· Good diffused light but not direct sunlight
· Temperatures from 18 to 24 ° with minimum winter temperature of 16 °
· Not excessive discrete humidity: spray at least 2 times a week in summer with possibly not calcareous water.
It is normally re-potted every 2 years in February March in small pots than the canopy.
Fertilization must be done every 8-10 days with liquid fertilizers.
With best regards