Garden construction

Question: Creating a new garden

I have a very small ground, I want to make a garden tilted on two sides
where are there other lands how can I align my garden?
with a minimum expense?

Garden realization: Answer: Create a new garden

Dear Loreno,
Thank you for contacting us about the questions about your garden through the Expert's address book
The problem that arises is not easy to solve as the right location of the land and the degree of inclination is not specified in the e-mail (it is a simple drop, or it looks more like a slope). The ideal solution would be to level it, adding or eliminating soil, the cost will certainly depend on the size and equipment used. If the height difference is minimal, you could do the work yourself with a spade, transporting the land from the upstream part to the downstream one. Finally, checking the level of leveling with a wooden board placed on the ground and a basin full of water that will function as a "bubble".
An alternative to this would be to create a sloping garden by adding rocks and ornamental bushes that are more suited to the environment and your aesthetic taste. When choosing trees or shrubs, we advise you to go to a specialized garden that will surely know how to best recommend the species best suited to your area and the type of soil.
With best regards