Flower climbers

Flower climbers

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Question: Flowering climber

Dear friends, I am Riccardo and I am writing to you near Lugano (Switzerland). Just today I uprooted a passion flower that surrounded a support column of the house balcony. Of the plant, unfortunately, only the dry stem remained and last summer the leaves (and flowers) did not grow. Now I would like to replace it with another climbing plant, maybe even producing flowers. What can you suggest?
Thank you very much and congratulations for your wonderful site!

Flowering climbers: Answer: Flowering climber

Dear Riccardo,
among the many climbing plants that can do for you I can remind you of the most common ones:
- wisteria (wisteria sinensis) - robust, rustic deciduous creeper, which produces lilac or white flowers in early summer. Durable and easy to cultivate;
- trachelospermum jasminoides (c.d. false jasmine) - evergreen climber, with oval leaves, produces fragrant white flowers. It reaches several meters in height;
- honeysuckle (lonicera) - caucifolia creeper, in summer it produces fragrant flowers, first white and then yellow. Resistant to cold and easy to grow.
Alternatively you can use bignonia, clematis or the classic climbing roses.