Tiglio - Tilia sp

Tiglio - Tilia sp

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Name: Tilia
Harvest: Between May and July.
Properties: Flowers: sedative, bechico, antispasmodic; the cortex: hypotensive, antispastic.
Family: Tiliacee
Common names: Rich in winter, tajer mestegon, urmo lily, thia.
Habitat: In the woods up to 2000 meters.

Tiglio - Tilia sp: Property

Conservation: The flowers are picked in the morning before they bloom, they are dried in the shade and then they are kept in glass jars, the bark is carbonised or preserved in closed containers.
Use: Internal use: infusion and dyeing of flowers; external use: infusion and decoction of flowers, for the preparation of soothing washings of the skin and throat.
Notes: The flowers of the linden are used in the kitchen not only for the preparation of herbal teas, but also for flavoring honey and liqueurs.