Marjoram property - Origanum majorana

Marjoram property - Origanum majorana

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Name: Origanum majorana L.
Harvest: In the warmer months.
Properties: Calming, carmative, stomatal, aromatic, expectorant, sedative.
Family: Labiate.
Common names: Persia, persega grass, scarsapepe, segarsola, mazorana.

Marjoram property - Origanum majorana: Property

Habitat: Mediterranean climate lands up to 800 meters.
Parts used: Flowers.
Conservation: Once cut, they are gathered in bunches and left to dry in non-humid places; then they are kept in bags.
Use: Infusions and dyes for internal use; infusion for internal use.
Notes: Marjoram can be used in the preparation of the bath, directly adding the infusion, so as to obtain a tonic and perfumed effect.