Rosa Maxim

Rosa Maxim

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Rosa MAXIM ®
The enchanting play of its colors gives this variety its particular charm. Its deep pink buds open on large and fragrant flowers. With flowering there is an explosion of color, the internal cream-white petals become more and more evident, giving this variety a unique appearance. The plant has a fast development and is a variety that will not fail to characterize any garden with its beauty.
This rose is also very appreciated for the intense fragrance that emanates and is often used also as a cut flower, given the characteristic long and erect stem.
It has a vigorous and compact foliage and reaches about 90 cm in height.

Rosa Maxim: Growing Rose Maxim

These roses belong to the family of tea hybrids, plants obtained since the nineteenth century by hybridization of European roses with particular varieties from China; in this way it was possible to obtain roses with unique and spectacular flowers, of great size and considerable resistance, perfect to give color and charm to any garden.
To cultivate these plants no special precautions are necessary but it is good to remember to place them in bright places, where they can receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day, so that they can count on a lush and abundant flowering. Another important aspect is to place them in a rich, slightly acid soil with good drainage capacity, to avoid the formation of water stagnations that are harmful for roses and can cause the onset of rot or fungal diseases.