Pruning plants in the fall

Pruning plants in the fall

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Plant pruning in autumn:

In autumn, the shrubs that bloom in spring or summer are pruned to favor the development of compact vegetation. We proceed by shortening each branch by about a third or a quarter, trying to give the shrub an orderly shape and avoiding particularly empty areas; by shortening the branches in the upper part of the plant we favor the development of branches in the lower part, where shrubs often tend to empty due to poor lighting. Using well sharpened and disinfected shears we practice oblique cuts, so that the cutting section does not lie parallel to the ground, and in this way avoiding the deposition of water on the cutting surface; the cuts must be as clean and precise as possible. We try to make the cuts a few centimeters above a bud turned towards the outside of the shrub, so as to favor the development of branches that are open to the outside, and not intertwined. We remove at the base all the branches with stunted growth, damaged or diseased; we also remove some of the potted ramifications of the interior of the shrub, so as to favor aeration in the foliage and also the illumination of the sun's rays. If we practice cutting large branches we cover the cutting surface with pruning mastic, which prevents the development of fungal diseases.