Clean plant leaves

Clean plant leaves

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Clean plant leaves:

Periodically, and especially in spring, it is very useful to clean up the foliage of the plants that are grown in the apartment; this operation is done to improve the aesthetic appearance, but also to ensure that sunlight reaches the cells on the leaf surface. The quickest and simplest method is to use a soft, clean cloth, possibly in cotton or microfibre, slightly damp. Cleaning is carried out gently, removing dust in particular from the upper page of the foliage. If the leaves are very dusty we can use them to clean a mixture of water and milk, which will also make the leaves more shiny. During the operation we take great care not to damage the leaves themselves, especially if they are small-sized leaves; at the same time we also try to remove any insects or fumaggini: if our plant has been hit by cochineal or fumaggini we can remove these parasites using a slightly wetted cotton pad. disinfect wounds left on the leaves by pests. If our plant has been in the apartment for a long time and the foliage is now dull and very dusty we can also think of practicing the leaves with a real shower, possibly in the garden. If we do not have an outdoor space we can practice this operation even in the shower. Then we bring the pot into the shower stall or outdoors, and with the hand shower, or with the sprinkler, keeping the water open in moderation, we clean all the foliage by directing the water jet gently over and under the leaves. If then our plants are decidedly dusty, and affected by various parasites, we can use them to clean a leaf polish; however, this type of product is often sold in spray cans, which have the defect of spraying a very cold liquid onto the leaves, which causes harmful and unsightly burns. So where possible we avoid the use of these products, except in extreme cases and very sporadically, not more than once a year, keeping the can at least 45-50 cm from the leaves.