Decorations and garlands

Decorations and garlands

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Decorations and garlands:

During the weeks before Christmas we can decorate the house with fir fronds, or other Christmas decorations. In many nurseries it is possible to buy cut fir branches, or even synthetic fronds; we use these green bases to decorate the house. We can use as simple decorations fronds, elongated, or form with the fir garlands to hang; the use of wicker or sponge supports for florists will help us to form perfect and even lasting garlands. After choosing the shape of our green decoration we will have to decorate it with elements that recall Christmas; typically ribbons, candles, trinkets, red or gold are used. To better prepare our decorations we begin to wrap them in a spiral with colored ribbon, in the color we have chosen; in the spaces left between the coils of the ribbon we can thus place candles or small balls, fixing them with covered wire, so as to mask it with the green of the fronds. To remember the winter and the cold we can finally vaporize on the decoration of the synthetic snow.