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When deciding to delimit an area of ​​the garden, one of the solutions to which it is possible to resort is the grating. It is really a grid that is used for climbing plants, so as to create a cover through which both light and air can easily circulate. Today the materials mainly used to make the gratings are iron, PVC and wood, all rather resistant and able to guarantee a certain durability. The garden grille is often recommended not only to divide one area from another but also to create a space where you can enjoy the beauty of climbing plants.

The models in wood and iron

Moreover, the grating is sold in various models to try to satisfy any need. The grating can be sold together with its planter, the most common models are made of wood or iron. When it comes to a wooden grating, the same planter must be made in a rather particular manner, that is, it is always necessary to check that an insulating layer is interposed between the wood and the ground, otherwise, in the long run the wood would tend to rot. Wood is a material that is offered on the market in its natural appearance but the use of impregnated is essential for water to not create mold or damage it. It is certainly one of the most popular garden grating models because it manages to integrate well with any garden style. Moreover, by buying a series of planters with grids it is also possible to divide rather large areas of the garden. If the grid is not integrated into the planter it is sold separately, if you want to plant the plant directly in the ground. To be made more stable it must be fixed to the ground, especially if it is exposed in areas with a lot of wind.

The models in plastic or pvc

The plastic or PVC grating is also a model that is rather in demand and performs the same function as the wooden one. PVC is waterproof and also suitable for temperature changes. Some models are closable, which means that the grating can also be stored in very small spaces because it is equipped with a spring that allows it to be opened and closed. More rarely for this solution is the planter. Also in the case of the iron grating the planter is present, realized in different dimensions. The choice of the planter model to be combined must be made in relation to the size of the plant that will be placed there. If the planter is not adequate after some time the plant will need to be decanted.

Practicality and forms

Moreover, whatever the material chosen for the purchase of the grating, they are all rather light, but still easily transportable. This other feature allows him to be moved very easily into the garden and to find a place in the corner where they are most useful. The shape of the garden grille can be classic, that is square, or it can end with an arch. In the case of the classic grating, different modules are purchased which, when placed next to each other, create a division barrier. To leave an entrance space that allows communication between one area and another, an arch can also be inserted which, besides being ornamental, has a specific function. Plants can also climb on the arch, as they follow the shape of the grid. An excellent idea also to cover a gazebo laterally, the grating is fixed to the ground and even using a single climbing plant it is possible to surround it completely.

Grill and windbreak

It is also possible to purchase pretty odorous climbing plants which, in addition to being used as a barrier, also guarantee a fragrant garden. Those who have problems with their neighbors, instead of resorting to the classic hedge method, can decide to buy the grill and solve the problem. The garden grating can also be combined with the windbreak panels, another structure that serves to shelter from the wind but can also be used as a decorative motif to be placed between one grating and another. When the grating is no longer used, it can be stored and used if necessary.


Among other things, all the materials indicated guarantee a rather long duration, which certainly lasts if it is not used for some periods. Wood is the material that perhaps requires some more precautions and after a few years, when you begin to notice some signs of aging, it is good to resort to the use of products that are able to protect the grating. Each garden has its own particular structure and the grating is a solution suitable for any garden style. It is certainly unthinkable, in fact, to completely close an open space like the garden to have a more private corner. Furthermore, the grating is a furnishing element that can be inserted instead of the traditional vases, even in an empty space.

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