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Irrigation guns

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The irrigation guns are made of plastic, they are mounted directly at the end of the irrigation tube, screwing them very easily. By turning the outer part you can change the various jets of water. Those who do not want to build an irrigation system, or do not wish to bear this expense, need to connect an irrigation hose to a tap through a socket and can use this type of gun. It is made of rather resistant plastic, it is simple to use and very manageable. The importance of the various water jets is fundamental because each plant requires a different amount of water and above all it must be irrigated in a specific way. Therefore using a single accessory you can have different functions, so it is also a rather useful purchase. The water tap can also be left open, while only the exit from the irrigation gun is closed, so as to avoid having to always open and close the tap.


The irrigation gun is an accessory rather requested especially by those who have different species of plants in the garden. This also optimizes water consumption because only the one that is actually needed for irrigation is used, directing the jet. Most irrigation guns all have the same function and have various water jets. It is an element that offers good durability over time because it can be left safely outside and does not suffer any damage due to temperature changes. Using a trolley to wrap the hose, the use will undoubtedly be easier because it will also be possible to transport it in every corner of the garden. The jet of water that comes out of the gun has however a certain pressure and this guarantees him not to locate the watering in too small areas. It is therefore a convenience for those involved in gardening and have not thought of an irrigation system.

How to choose it

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the choice is limited because the features that identify the irrigation guns are very similar. The only difference is that some models may have fewer jets of water. However, since it is an expenditure that is faced only once, it is almost always preferred to choose a model that is rather complete and of good quality. The mechanism for changing the water jet is rather simple, because it is sufficient to rotate the end. When you buy the gun you must already have the irrigation hose to which you can connect it, otherwise you must also buy that. By defining the area to be watered it is also possible to accurately establish the length of the pipe. The irrigation hose is essential so it is essential to have a water source available in the garden, which can be a fountain or an outdoor sink. Even if during the design of the garden we had not thought about the realization of the plant, we must never forget that a water source is necessary for the good health of the plants.

Irrigation guns: Where to buy

Irrigation guns can be bought in stores for gardening items or at DIY stores. The customer at the time of purchase can always refer to a descriptive sheet that allows to know the characteristics of that particular object. The same description is present on the websites that deal with gardening articles. On the net, the consultation is certainly much faster and the customer has the possibility to place the order at any time without any obligation. To know the payment method and the delivery times, it is necessary to read all the information contained within the site. Regardless of where you decide to make the purchase, the irrigation gun must be immediately tested to verify that it does not present any faults. Of course it is advisable not to turn the ring for changing the water jet too frequently, otherwise it may break in the long run. Usually the jets of water that are used are two or at most three. When you buy the gun for irrigation, inside the package there are all the indications that you should follow to ensure a good durability. It is also advisable to avoid shocks that could damage it as it is plastic. The irrigation gun is an important accessory for gardening that is sometimes also purchased by those who have a specific irrigation system for the garden.