Persian cyclamen from seed

Persian cyclamen from seed

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Cyclamen Persianth, along with a few flower plants, pleases us with abundant flowering in winter. It is not surprising that flower growers are led by the question of the reproduction of cyclamens.

The plant itself quite demandinge. The same applies to reproduction.

Is it easy to grow Persian cyclamen from seed? Every breeder has his own problems and setbacks. But you should know some rules and then the germination of seeds will be more successful. So, the seeds should not be allowed to dry out, that is, as soon as they are ripe on the parent plant, they should be germinated. This can be done at any time of the year, but it is preferable toAnimate sowing seeds in February and March.

Previously, the seeds are soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate or in epine. This will take 12 hours. Then the seeds are planted in a well-steamed soil mixture. You should not reject seeds that do not satisfy with their appearance - very often specimens of extraordinary beauty grow from them. After planting the seedlings, you will need to wait a little - it will take not less than 30 days.

Delicate sprouts need good care. It is important to create moderate soil moisture through regular gentle spraying. At first, the growth of seedlings is not noticeable, but soon they are actively acquiring new young leaves.

Persian cyclamen from seeds possesses better adaptability to a new place. Such a plant feels great in a new microclimate and quickly starts flowering.

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