Yucca flower care: watering, maintaining temperature

Yucca flower care: watering, maintaining temperature

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An evergreen plant with long pointed leaves and beautiful bell-shaped flowers, came to us from distant North America and very quickly won the love of many flower growers. In hot climates (in particular, in the Caucasus and Crimea), this plant feels great in the open field, and in the central zone it can grow only as a houseplant.

Yucca flower care includes regular watering of the plant, as well as maintaining a special temperature regime and air humidity. So, watering the flower from the spring-autumn period should be plentiful, however, so that there is no water left in the pan, watering should be moderate in winter. It is very important not to allow stagnation of water in the soil, otherwise the roots and stems of Yucca may rot. The plant feels best at a moderate, slightly cool temperature: best of all, if the thermometer is at around 16-18 degrees. Regular washing of the plant does not need to be arranged, it is enough just from time to time to dwell on its leaves from dust or take it out to the balcony when it rains.

Yucca flower care also means providing the plant with the necessary lighting. So, in the summer, it is advisable to take a pot with a flower to the garden or to the balcony, place it in a sunny place. In insufficient light, the leaves of Yucca become sparse and dull, the plant loses all its beauty. Therefore, even in winter, the flower should be placed as close to the light source as possible (for example, on a windowsill or on a glazed loggia, if it is not too cold there).

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