The rosemary in the photo looks very attractive, how to grow it?

The rosemary in the photo looks very attractive, how to grow it?

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Rosemary - a perennial plant, evergreen, is a shrub. Considering rosemary in the photo you can see how the plant looks spectacular during the flowering period, how attractive its leathery, linear leaves of a rich dark green color. It should be noted that the flowering of the plant occurs from March to September.

The main features of growing rosemary

If you nevertheless ventured to have rosemary at home (here it should be noted that most lovers grow rosemary precisely as a houseplant), or on a garden plot, then you will need to study the main recommendations of experts and take into account all the features of growing rosemary:

  • Rosemary should be grown on any soil, but not on wet.
  • More preferable for the plant will be an area protected from the wind, sunny. Although it is possible to successfully grow rosemary in partial shade.
  • Sowing rosemary seeds can be carried out from March to June, but the seeds themselves are difficult to obtain, and their germination is a very slow process.
  • It is more rational to reproduce rosemary by cuttings.
  • In the spring, the bushes are pruned and formed.

Since rosemary is a southern plant and very thermophilic its cultivation is recommended to be carried out in pots, planting plants in open ground only for the summer... In winter, rosemary feels great in the room.

You can see that the rosemary in the photo is a very attractive plant, it will fit well into the interior or decorate your winter garden.

Rosemary leaves are used as a spice and for medicinal purposes. Tear off the leaves and flowers of the plant as needed. Young shoots are harvested for drying in the summer.

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