Germinating grape cuttings in water

Germinating grape cuttings in water

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Germination of grape cuttings in water is a fairly simple and quick process that will ensure better rooting and development of seedlings in the future. The bottom cut needs to be done directly under the kidney, and the top one is a few centimeters above the peephole. Cuttings cut in advance are also necessarily updated.

Further, a thick layer of cotton wool is laid on the bottom of a liter can and a little (literally two centimeters) water is poured. It is highly desirable also add a few crystals of potassium permanganate to the water, a piece of charcoal or half a teaspoon of ash. Further, the cuttings themselves are placed in the jar (if there are a lot of them, then, accordingly, several jars will be needed). Very important keep the water level in the jar, topping up fresh every two to three days.

You can accelerate the germination of grape cuttings if you make a kind of greenhouse over the jar - put a large plastic bag on top of it... It is also advisable to place the cuttings in a warm, but by no means hot place, for example, on a metal sheet above a heating battery. After about a week, buds will bloom on the cuttings, and after another 10-15 days, roots will appear. However, in this case it all depends, first of all, on the quality of the germinated vine and grape variety... It often happens that you have to wait more than one and a half to two months for blossoming buds and the appearance of the first roots.

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