Cutting roses from a bouquet: a few rules

Cutting roses from a bouquet: a few rules

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Presented as a gift a bouquet of roses, without any doubt, it will bring great joy to any woman. However, it is not at all necessary to throw out the outdated bouquet - you can try to root the flowers and thus acquire your own flower bed of roses.

Preparation for rooting roses is by cutting them. Cutting roses from a bouquet - the process is quite complicated, requiring compliance with some rules. So, this event is best held in late spring or early summer, when the shoots of flowers are actively growing. Suitable for cutting exclusively stems of fresh, blooming roses, which must first be kept in clean water for several days so that they are saturated with moisture and ripen.

Cutting roses from a bouquet must be carried out with a very sharp knife, which would not crush the tissue of the stem, so that there are two buds on each cutting. In this case, the upper straight cut should be 2-3 centimeters above the upper kidney, and the lower oblique - 6-7 centimeters below the lower kidney. Leaves on the handle interfere with its rooting, therefore the bottom sheet must be completely removed, and cut off the top, leaving two of five leaves. Roses with short stems can be cut into cuttings not with two, but with one bud, so that it is located in the middle of the cutting, the length of which should be about 6-8 centimeters. In addition, in many varieties of roses, small single-bud cuttings take root much faster.

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