Houston's Ageratum - Fluffy Miracle - Flowers

Houston's Ageratum - Fluffy Miracle - Flowers

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Houston's Ageratum has several more common names: long-flowered, Mexican ageratum. Although the natural climatic conditions for the plant are the subtropics of Mexico, it has been well acclimatized with us.

Ageratum Houston is grown as an annual, growing in small bushes from 10 to 60 cm tall. Flowers of various shades: from white and pink to blue, delight with their flowering from May to the first frost.

Characteristics of varieties:

  • Blue Ball - forms a compact bush with dark lilac blue flowers;
  • Blauer Meer is a hemispherical bush, flowers of a blue-blue hue up to 1.5 cm in diameter.
  • Enzet Azur is a spherical dwarf bush with small pink and lilac flowers.

Care features

Houston's Ageratum is an unpretentious species. Requires regular watering in dry weather, but does not tolerate prolonged waterlogging. Like most southern plants ageratum loves warmth and sun, in partial shade it also feels good.

The plant prefers a fairly loose, nutritious soil, preferably with neutral acidity. It is better not to overuse top dressing. An excess of organic fertilizers can lead to active growth of shoots to the detriment of flowering.

Ageratum Houston propagates mainly by seeds, less often by cuttings (dividing the bush in autumn). The plant is suitable not only for open ground, but also for the "garden on the balcony"... In the box, ageratum should be planted at a distance of 12 - 15 cm from each other. Faded heads must be cut off, thus making room for new ones.

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