Ornamental cabbage in the photo

Ornamental cabbage in the photo

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The approach of autumn means that it is necessary to acquire flowers that can decorate the garden in autumn. Ornamental cabbage in the photo makes it clear that it is she who will be able to fulfill this role. This plant is not afraid of frost, and on the contrary, it will look very advantageous in the days of the approaching winter.

Ornamental cabbage makes wonderful decorations.

plants of flower beds, mixborders, containers. This plant is often grown as curbs.
Ornamental cabbage in the photo makes it clear what beautiful shades it can be. Basically, you can find gray cabbage = green and purple. That is why it is recommended to combine it with colors that have an orange and yellow tint. For example, in "neighbors" you can take marigolds, which delight with their flowering until late autumn. Together with ornamental cabbage, marigolds will make a wonderful composition.

They begin to plant ornamental cabbage already at the end of April... This is done directly in the open ground, if there is a greenhouse, it is better to plant it under glass. If you don't want to transplant later, you can plant the seeds immediately in separate pots. But do not worry - this type of plant tolerates transplantation very well. It is recommended to do this with a large clod of earth.

This representative of the Cabbage family is very likes frequent watering, as well as feeding with various organic fertilizers. Ornamental cabbage grows very well in a sunny area. Having paid a little attention to this beautiful plant, in autumn you can delight in its beauty for a long time.

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