Planting and caring for a weigela must be done correctly

Planting and caring for a weigela must be done correctly

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Weigela is a very beautiful deciduous shrub that belongs to the honeysuckle family... One plant species, Weigela Middendorf, re-blooms in the fall.

The plant is sufficiently cultivated, planting and caring for the weigela require certain knowledge about the characteristics of this plant. It is best to grow weigela in single or group plantings, the place where the plant will be planted must be open to the sun... Saplings planted near a fence or in the shade of trees will not feel comfortable, you will hardly wait for flowering.

Weigela is no less demanding on soil fertility... Only with systematic feeding of the plant, loosening the soil under it, and even better mulching in summer and winter, will weigela delight the owners with lush leaves and magnificent abundant flowering.

Correct planting and caring for the weigela involves fertilizing the plant in spring, through melted snow, during summer and autumn. It can be peat, compost, a complex of mineral fertilizers.

The plant does not like excessive soil moisture; before planting, weigels are best done in a hole drainage, for this you can use pebbles, broken brick, crushed stone, expanded clay. In summer drought, on the contrary, the plant really needs abundant watering.

Weigela can winter in the open field, although sometimes young shoots suffer from frost. But in the spring, the plant recovers quickly. Pruning the plant should be done taking into account the fact that the buds are formed only on last year's shoots. Therefore, spring pruning of the shrub is not carried out, removing only strongly frozen shoots.

Weigela is propagated

  • dividing the bush
  • layering
  • cuttings. You can also try growing a new shrub from seeds.

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