Diseases of the apple tree and their treatment

Diseases of the apple tree and their treatment

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For lovers of sweet tasty apples, it is no secret that it takes a lot of effort to get a good harvest. It will be very offensive if, after you have worked hard enough and are waiting for a good harvest, you suddenly notice that the apple tree is sick and cannot please you with tasty, ripe fruits. Moreover, the tree may even die from one or another disease.


  • Powdery mildew
  • Scab
  • Fruit rot or moniliosis
  • Cytosporosis - a disease of the cortex

And in this article we will touch upon this particular topic: some diseases of the apple tree and their treatment. In order to fight, you need to know the enemy by sight.

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew often affects the apple tree. This disease is a fungal disease that can affect almost all important parts of the plant - buds, leaves, shoots, inflorescences. First, an off-white powdery coating begins to appear on these parts, then this coating becomes brownish, with black dots. After infection, the leaves begin to dry out and turn yellow. This leads to the fact that the fruits are not set.

Basically, this disease develops with high humidity or soil.

But in order to prevent powdery mildew from damaging the plant, it is necessary in the spring, when the flowers begin to bloom, to treat the tree with Topaz or Skor. After the tree has faded, it is treated with copper oxychloride. And after harvesting, spraying is again carried out with a suitable preparation, for example, a solution of liquid soap and copper sulfate. This is how you can save your apple tree from powdery mildew. Although, it must be admitted that this disease is very insidious, and can constantly recur.


It is also possible to single out apple scab among the diseases. This is also a fungal disease, it affects not only the apple tree, but also the pear. Scab spores are carried by the wind and then germinate if the air is humid enough. This disease manifests itself in the form of a brown bloom on the leaves, after which the leaves begin to dry and fall off. The fruits stop growing, and black-gray spots and cracks form on them. Damage to flowers and stalks with scab is quite possible. It is categorically impossible to eat such fruits, otherwise you can poison them. And the sight of apples affected by scab is not at all attractive.

To get rid of the scab, it is necessary in the spring, when the leaves are blooming, to be treated with Topaz solution. And the second treatment is necessary after flowering with a solution of the drug "Hom" or "Colloidal sulfur".

Fruit rot or moniliosis

The disease is very insidious and cunning. Infection of fruits usually begins at the end of summer, at the very ripening of apples. A very small speck of fawn color appears, which rather quickly becomes huge, already capturing the entire surface of the fruit. As a result, all apples become completely soft and brown in color. And there are absolutely no apples like that. Moniliosis is sometimes even worse than scab or powdery mildew, because it does not appear immediately, but during the fruiting period.

It is recommended to fight this infection with the already familiar drug "Hom". You need to do this two times: in the midst of the formation of young leaves and after the apple tree has faded. Just dilute the solution with water in the percentage indicated on the label and spray the entire tree.

Cytosporosis - a disease of the bark

Another of the most common diseases of the apple tree is again a fungal infection - cytosporosis. It captures the bark of the plant and as a result, dark ulcers appear on the trunk and branches of the tree. They gradually become deeper and already capture more and more space of the tree bark. Cytosporosis of an apple tree is diagnosed in this way: if the trunk is affected by brown-red ulcers, it means that this is exactly the same fungal disease - cytosporosis.

The bark in places of such ulcers quickly dies off, and the branches simply fall to the ground, and the apple tree may well die. Most likely, such a disease will develop in poor conditions: improper watering, poor or very heavy soil, and others.

Again, the drug "Hom" will save you from this misfortune. On a warm day, you need to spray the entire tree when the buds have just begun to swell, diluting the drug in a bucket at the rate of 40 grams. "Homa" for 10 liters of water.

But the next treatment is best done with a solution of copper sulfate, you need to take it 50 gr. 10 liters of water and spray the tree before it blooms. The third spraying is carried out again with "Hom", but only after flowering.

We have listed only some diseases of apple trees and advised what treatment can be carried out. Perhaps, after reading this article, you will be able to recognize the disease at its very beginning and not delay the treatment of your apple tree. And she, in turn, will gratefully present you with delicious apples.

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