Processing onion sets before planting

Processing onion sets before planting

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Gardeners who want to get a harvest of large onions in the fall use onion sets as planting material. Onion sets are small onions with a diameter of 1-3 cm, obtained from seeds. The processing of onion sets before planting is of great importance, unprocessed onions will have poor germination and low resistance to diseases.

So, before planting the onion, it is necessary to sort out and discard the bare, cut, diseased, dried onions. 2-3 days before planting, the onion must be warmed up, for example, on a spread newspaper near heating appliances. If this is not possible, then immediately before planting, the seedlings need to be poured with hot water (but not boiling water) for 1-2 minutes, and then immersed in cold water for 1 minute. After the bulbs have warmed up, soak them in a nutrient solution. We dilute any complex fertilizer in water and lower the seed in a bag or mesh there for 10 hours. Then the net with onions, without washing, is immersed for 10 minutes in a solution of copper sulfate (1 teaspoon per 10 liters of water) - this is done to prevent fungal diseases. After that, the bulbs are washed with clean water - and you can plant!

As you can see, processing onion sets before planting is a rather painstaking task, but when even shoots appear in your garden, you will understand that it was worth it!

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