Growing feather grass

Growing feather grass

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Many people, hearing the word "feather grass"Immediately appear in front of a field in the steppe, on which grasses of incredible beauty are sprouting. And this is very similar to reality!

This representative of the Zlakovye family is perfectly adapted to the steppe winds. The steppe is the best place for him... Here it grows actively, exposing its tough leaves and golden spikelets to the light, crowned with one flower.

Growing feather grassI in our area is very little widespread. This crop is considered a weedy crop that does not provide any special value for the environment. And this is primarily due to the fact that, ending its life cycle, the feather grass does not form black soil... In addition, in the process of decay as a result of the vigorous activity of fungi, this plant releases acidic enzymes.

Growing feather grass is acceptable when the plant is used as feed for farm animals... Feather grass seeds are planted on huge pastures, which are then sent to livestock.

Feather grass leaves are used to make paper and artificial silk.

Despite all the wrangling around the plant, feather grass is a desirable ornamental crop. His spikelets were especially fond of florists and designers, they look great in bouquets with wildflowers and more noble flowers.

The beauty of feather grass was appreciated by gardeners. After all, this the grass adorns the front garden almost all year round... The plant is easy to grow, unless you resort to transplanting. The soil for feather grass should be slightly alkaline and water permeable. It is better to plant this cereal in well-lit areas.

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