What are the beneficial properties of linden

What are the beneficial properties of linden

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Now such a wonderful time has come - you walk along the streets and you feel a subtle warm smell. But useful properties of linden it doesn't end there.

Linden flowers can be harvested independently. They are collected together with bracts. It is necessary to collect linden flowers using a ladder or stepladder so as not to break branches. The collected raw materials are dried in a shaded, ventilated place. You can dry linden trees in a dryer at a temperature of 40-50 degrees. But it is categorically impossible to expose the collected raw materials to sunlight!

Dry linden flowers contain many nutrients. in addition to essential oil, these are saponins, carotene, tannins, mucus, phytoncides, flavone glycoside heperidin.

From linden flowers, a fragrant tea is brewed, which, in addition to its rich taste, has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, bile and diuretic effects. This tea moderately increases the viscosity of the blood. I drink linden tea as an antimicrobial and expectorant.

Infusion of linden flowers has long been used for rinsing the mouth and pharynx for colds and inflammatory diseases. If such an infusion is not filtered, then it can be used as an application for hemorrhoids, rheumatism, gout, ulcers and burns.

Linden flower infusion is prepared as follows:

  • 3 tablespoons of linden flowers
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • pour boiling water over the flowers
  • heat in a water bath for 45 minutes
  • refrigerate for 45 minutes, leaving in the room
  • strain

By the way, linden infusion is very useful for washing. It must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:20 and used for daily washing. then the skin will become velvety and elastic.

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