Zinnia cactus and caring for it

Zinnia cactus and caring for it

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Zinnia cactus gained popularity due to its unusual flowering and relatively easy care. The first inflorescences can already be seen in early summer, if the plant is protected from the spring cold.

Zinnia attracts professional flower growers with its various shades - pink, cream, orange. AND zinnia graceful famous for its bright purple color. But whichever variety you choose, it needs proper care.

Growing zinnia

Zinnia, cultivation which depends on the choice of planting site, prefers nutritious, well-drained soil.

As for watering, it should be such that the soil is constantly moist. Zinnia terry also will not give up mulching the land, which will have a positive result. When watering a flower, make sure that no water gets on its delicate petals and leaves. By the way, with an abundant amount of moisture zinnia carousel may suffer from powdery mildew.

Abundant flowering directly depends on the regular introduction of mineral fertilizing. It is advisable to do this every 5-6 weeks so that the soil is filled with nutrients. You can also add some compost to the soil.

Zinnia, landing which must be carried out correctly, is usually separated from other plants so that powdery mildew does not multiply.

As you can see, zinnia, photo which makes you admire its beauty, is grown quite simply. Follow all the basic requirements, and then the plant will grow and bloom profusely in your flower beds and as an element of landscape design.

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