How to grow morning glory from seeds

How to grow morning glory from seeds

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Morning glory is a rather thermophilic plant, therefore, growing morning glory from seeds using seedlings is more preferable than cuttings and layering.

Seeds are planted on seedlings in March, after pre-soaking them for a day in warm water. Those that are not swollen can be pierced with a needle and soaked again.

Plant transplanting is painful, therefore, removing from the pots is necessary along with a good lump of earth. They are planted in the ground after frost, in June.

You can plant the plant immediately on a permanent place in May by soaking the seeds in hot, up to 50 degrees, water for 2-4 hours before planting.

Ipomoea must be constantly watered, while feeding with complex fertilizers. In addition, for good development, the plant needs supports made of wire, fishing line, mesh.

Morning glory is very fond of warmth, light and abundant watering, so it is recommended to plant it on the leeward sunny side.

Interestingly, morning glory flowers bloom in the early morning and close after noon. And only in cloudy weather, they remain open all day, since the plant is quite sensitive to light and with a lack of light, the flowers close.

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