Siberian juniper - decoration of a stone slide

Siberian juniper - decoration of a stone slide

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Juniper, which has the Latin name Juniperus, is either a shrub (can be creeping) or a relatively small tree. This is an evergreen plant with needle-shaped or scaly needles.

Its fruits are called cones because of the shell, which is formed by accrete scales. These plants also have various forms: like a narrow candle, with a spreading crown or even a rug that spreads along the ground. One of the common species is Juniperus sibirica Burgsd, or Siberian juniper.


  • The main characteristics of the Siberian juniper
  • Where to place the juniper
  • How to plant juniper in the ground
  • How to care for Juniperus sibirica Burgsd
  • Reproduction of Siberian juniper

The main characteristics of the Siberian juniper

In the wild, it can be found in the mountainous regions of the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Crimean Peninsula, on the hills of the Far East. Also grows in Siberia, northern Europe, North America.

Prefers dry, rubble-stone slopes. Protected in a number of areas.

Its height fluctuates within one meter and more often spreads along the ground. Quite decorative because of the white, bright stripes on the needle-shaped needles. These stripes persist on the upper side of the needles for up to two years. The cones are shaped like a ball up to 0.8 cm in diameter, slightly fleshy, have a bluish bloom.

Unpretentious. Frost resistant. Not very picky about the soil: it can grow on peat soil, rocky substrate.

Taking into account all these qualities, it is widely used for garden design on alpine slides, when creating groups of stunted plants.

Where to place the juniper

Given the light-loving nature of this plant, it is better to place the bush in a sunny place. Otherwise, the decorative features of the needles and the shape itself may be lost. It is better if from the south side, nevertheless, the shadow of other trees will fall on the crown of the juniper.

There should be enough space when planting, since the branches lying on the surface of the soil take root easily, and the plant covers an increasingly wider area.

Juniper is planted on rocky hills, in groups and in single plantings.

How to plant juniper in the ground

It is preferable to prepare a potting mix:

  • peat - 2 parts;
  • sod land - 1 part;
  • sand - 1 part.

The pit is prepared to a depth of 70 cm (depending on the coma). A 15-20 cm drainage is required, consisting of broken bricks with the addition of sand.

The Siberian juniper prefers sandy soils.

Juniper is not picky about soil fertility. Between plants, depending on the size, the distance varies from 0.5 m to 1.5 m.

How to care for Juniperus sibirica Burgsd

This plant is unpretentious and stable. It is quite easy to look after him. It is necessary to protect it from burning needles in the spring, from fungal diseases. In April-May, 30-40 g / m2 are applied. nitroammoski.

In dry summers, watering should be done about 2-3 times. It is good to spray the plant once a week in the evenings. In young plantings, loosening is carried out after watering. Then mulching with sawdust, etc.

Trimming and pruning is mainly expressed in the removal of dry branches and diseased shoots. You don't need to cover for the winter. The only exception is the first wintering in the open field.

Reproduction of Siberian juniper

For reproduction, juniper seeds are most often used. The first shoots appear 1-3 years after planting. To obtain more numerous shoots, the pericarp is removed from the seeds and the integrity of the cover is partially violated (scarified).

They are sown in the grooves. Creeping forms are propagated using layering.

These are very beautiful plants that look especially impressive on the snow in winter.

It is good to plant in groups where there is heather, roses, cereals, etc.

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