Growing broccoli cabbage: tips for summer residents

Growing broccoli cabbage: tips for summer residents

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Broccoli is an extremely vitamin-rich food. Broccoli is an excellent dietary product, delicious and as healthy as possible.

Growing broccoli cabbage does not require any special costs, it is a fairly unpretentious plant. Broccoli can be grown by seedlings or seeds.

Tips for gardeners on growing broccoli cabbage:

  • In March, seeds are sown indoors, and the resulting seedlings are planted in late April - early May. In June, broccoli inflorescences are already ripe.
  • For a second crop, you can sow broccoli seeds directly outdoors in June.
  • Growing broccoli cabbage can be carried out on any soil, but clay soils and chernozems are preferable.
  • Caring for broccoli cabbage is no more difficult than for ordinary white cabbage: watering, weeding, feeding.
  • The optimum temperature for broccoli is from + 15C to + 25C, but the plant can withstand frosts and up to -7C.

Seedlings are needed for an early harvest, but you can start growing broccoli by simply sowing the seeds outdoors. It's just that the first harvest will not be until the end of June.

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