Feeding strawberries in spring

Feeding strawberries in spring

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Strawberries are among the most common and popular berry crops. The delicate aroma and excellent taste determines the widespread use of the fruit in cooking and perfumery.

To harvest a good harvest, proper care is necessary, which consists in watering, weeding, protection from pests and diseases, timely thinning and collection of berries. It is necessary to feed strawberries in the spring, as well as at the beginning of flowering and after harvesting.

Strawberries are most sensitive to fertilizers, which are usually combined with watering. The choice of the site is also important - sunny, preferably with loamy and sandy loam soils.

Even before flowering, you need to add organic fertilizers diluted with water (manure, bird droppings 1:10). If this is not possible, take a ready-made mixture for berries or nitrophoska and dilute in accordance with the directions on the package. Top dressing is best poured into furrows, about 8 centimeters deep, laid along the rows.

In addition to the main ones, mineral fertilizers are used. From nitrogen, nitrate or ammonium sulfate is used, from potassium - potassium chloride, potassium salt.

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