When to plant onions on a turnip is up to the grower

When to plant onions on a turnip is up to the grower

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Onions from seven ailments - this saying very clearly shows how since ancient times the beneficial properties of such a familiar vegetable as onions have been appreciated. Onions contain many vitamins, mineral salts, sugar and organic acids, and their antibacterial properties are well known.

Onions are widely recognized as a culinary ingredient in almost all cuisines of the world. Onions came to Russia from the banks of the Danube from the Bulgarians, and already in the 10th century, Russian sailors brought stocks of bread, meat and onions to the lower reaches of the Volga. It's hard to imagine our table without a bow, especially in winter. And not without reason. In addition to its taste, it is endowed with an excellent antiviral effect.


  • Methods for growing turnip onions
  • When is the best time to plant onions
  • Sowing for the winter
  • The benefits of planting onions - set before winter

Now in the kitchen of any modern housewife, this vegetable is sure to be added to many dishes, except perhaps for drinks and sweet desserts. Green onion leaves are used in salads, side dishes, spicy mixtures in any form - pickled, fried, salted, boiled, etc.
Good taste, onions give salads, vinaigrette and many other dishes where it is added raw. Fragrant, fried until golden brown, onions are added to various soups, minced meat and pie fillings.

If the onion is spicy, then most often it is boiled, and in fresh and pickled form they mainly use only special sweet varieties, this wonderful vegetable. In industry, the preparation of various sausages, canned meat, as well as fish processing cannot do without onions.

Methods for growing turnip onions

Onions are grown in two ways:

  1. Seeds. With this method, onions - turnips can be obtained in a year. First, onions should be grown from seeds - sets.
  2. Onion - sevkom. These are small onions obtained from seeds. It is better to buy it for planting. But if there is a suitable storage space, then a homebrew one is fine.

When growing onions from seeds, seedlings appear in about 7-10 days from the moment of planting under favorable conditions. At first, a loop appears, and after straightening it, there are already real leaves. Due to the underdeveloped root system, it is very important to loosen the soil in time and remove the emerging weeds, which contributes to the proper growth and nutrition of the plant.

There is a method of growing turnip onions from onion sets weighing about 2 grams. Sowing is done in mid-spring (late April or early May), but in warm soil. In this case, it is recommended to cut it and let it get properly wet in the diluted slurry (1 part of dry manure to 6 parts of water).

When is the best time to plant onions

When to plant onions on a turnip, it is up to the gardener to decide. Many people plant onions in early spring, but since this culture is not afraid of the cold, it is most profitable to plant it before winter.

Onions are a perennial plant, which is why in the first year after planting only onion sets grow from the seed (only about two cm in diameter), but in the second year a large onion, the so-called turnip, grows. Arrows-peduncles appear already in the third year of growth. Moreover, each onion variety is original in terms of agricultural technologies, and it is planted in completely different ways.

Gardeners say that it is best if pumpkins, zucchini or cucumbers that were fertilized organically were previously grown in the area where onions are now sown.

Also, onions do not like to grow in one place, so it is better to do repeated crops no more often than once every 4 years.

Sowing for the winter

For the winter, onion sets are planted in the ground from about 5 to 20 October. First of all, it is necessary to very well prepare the garden bed in a lighted place, preferably even if it is located on a hill. The soil is pre-cleaned and dug up. Then shallow grooves are made, in which the onion sets are placed.

Before the onset of frost, the bed is carefully covered with straw, tops and dry leaves, and from above it is firmly pressed with boards or branches.

True, if the winter is with thaws, then there is a danger of rotting onions. In this case, if the planting is done correctly, then in the spring the onions will delight you with their friendly and dense shoots, which can then be thinned out at any time.

The benefits of planting onions - set before winter

  • There is no need for a suitable storage place for onions - set.
  • Onion shoots outpace the growth of weeds.
  • Winter onions yield 15-20 days earlier than spring onions, which is very profitable when sold. After all, as a rule, early products are always more expensive.

Do not forget, when planting onions on a turnip, that you should insulate the beds with sawdust or peat, and for the winter it is good to "wrap" with snow.

Onions are a vegetable that, unlike many others, does not require special care and is not particularly sensitive to weather conditions, which allows even inexperienced gardeners to grow it in their beds.

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