Colorado spruce Misty blue: description and care features

Colorado spruce Misty blue: description and care features

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The spruce thorny Misty Blue is an evergreen coniferous tree of medium size. Due to the attractive appearance of the plant, it is widely used for ennobling a variety of landscape designs.


  • Correct planting of the plant
  • Plant growing conditions
  • Leaving after disembarkation
  • Growing features

Correct planting of the plant

Planting is carried out most often in late April or early May. Some people plant the crop at the end of August after the high temperatures have subsided. It is best to plant the plant in loamy or sandy-gravel soils. Spruce needs light soils that allow air to pass through well. When choosing a planting site, it is best to give preference to open and sunny areas. The spruce does not like the neighborhood, since other plants prevent it from fully growing and developing.

It is necessary to put good drainage in the planting hole, which is explained by the sensitivity of the root system of the culture to stagnant water. The soil in which the tree is planted must have a slightly acidic environment. After choosing a place, the pit is prepared.

When planting several plants, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between them is at least two meters. The size of the hole should be slightly larger than the size of the root system. After laying the drainage, which is broken brick or crushed stone, a spruce is installed in the pit. The plant is covered with turf soil, peat, sand. After planting the plant, it is recommended to water it abundantly. The process of planting spruce is quite simple and within the power of any person.

Plant growing conditions

To ensure the full growth and development of the spruce after planting, it is recommended that it provide appropriate conditions. They consist in:

  • High-quality lighting
  • Optimum temperature
  • Full watering

Spruce loves well-lit places. If the plant is planted in shaded areas, then this can lead to a loss of decorative color of the needles. The culture cannot fully tolerate arid soil. That is why, in the absence of rainfall, she needs to ensure regular watering.

The procedure is recommended to be carried out once a week. For irrigation, you must use at least 12 liters of water. Watering young trees should be done more frequently. The need for watering is determined by the condition of the soil. The plant is watered with a hose or watering can.

Spruce grows fully in high temperature conditions. Also, this plant can fully tolerate negative temperatures. Caring for prickly misty blue spruce is quite simple. That is why this culture is often used to decorate landscape designs.

Leaving after disembarkation

After planting a culture, it needs to be properly cared for, which will ensure its full engraftment. A hole is made around the seedling, with the help of which the plant is watered. To protect the soil from excessive evaporation, it is necessary to make a layer of mulch.

For this purpose, the use of peat is recommended. Despite the winter hardiness of the culture in the first year after planting, it is necessary to cover the trunk circle, which will eliminate the possibility of freezing of the root system. It is recommended to use burlap or spruce branches to warm wood.

Growing prickly spruce requires providing it with protection from diseases and pests, especially immediately after planting. If rust appears on the branches in the form of characteristic orange spots, they must be cut off and burned. The tree itself is treated with Bordeaux liquid.

If brown spots appear on the needles, then this indicates the development of a fungal disease. Colloidal sulfur is used for wood processing. Of the pests, the most common occurrence is the appearance of spruce-fir hermes, which is a species of aphid.

The elimination of this pest is carried out using a solution of the Ragor insecticide. Spruce sawflies can also appear on spruce trees. If there are spots on young spruces that look like burns, then it is necessary to fight the disease. For this purpose, the use of Fufanon is carried out. With proper care of young spruce, its attractive appearance will be guaranteed.

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Growing features

Top dressing. The main fertilization should be carried out during the planting of the crop. There is no need to constantly feed the tree. Before the start of the growth of young shoots in spring, a small amount of universal fertilizers is applied.

Pruning. It is necessary to carry out sanitary pruning every year. It requires the removal of dry branches damaged by diseases and pests. The procedure is recommended in autumn and spring. If prickly spruce is used as a hedge, then it is necessary to prune in order to form a crown.

This procedure is performed at a young age when eating. If the tree is more than 8 years old, then the formation of the crown with the help of pruning should be carried out already late. For the procedure, a sharp pruner is most often used.

Mulching and loosening. Young ate-trees do not like the neighborhood, especially with weeds. That is why it is recommended to periodically loosen the soil in the near-trunk circle. In addition, this procedure will provide oxygen access to the root system, which will positively affect the growth of the culture. Loosening is carried out shallowly, which is explained by the superficial root system.

After the procedure, the trunk circle is sprinkled with mulch. This eliminates the possibility of not only drying out the root system, but also provides complete weed control. Soil mulching in most cases is carried out using sawdust, peat, bark.

Spruce prickly Misty Blue is a unique plant that is characterized by a rather attractive appearance. The culture is not too demanding to care for, which greatly simplifies this process. In order to grow an attractive tree, you just need to regularly follow certain rules of care.

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