Potato variety Asterix

Potato variety Asterix

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There are many different varieties of potatoes. At the same time, potatoes are resistant to drought, which is important when grown in hot climates.

In appearance, potato tubers are reddish in color, as a rule, of medium size and elongated-oval in shape. The flesh of the potato is light yellow.

The potato variety Asterix has a food purpose and has good taste. Potatoes have a fairly high dry matter content.

This potato variety is medium friable in terms of cooking characteristics, therefore it is ideal for boiling and frying. It can also be used to make potato chips. And during the cooking process, the potatoes do not change color.

In case of impacts or other mechanical damage, the Asterix potato variety is not prone to the formation of dark spots.

Due to the good keeping quality of tubers, this variety can be stored in a basement or other cool place for a long time.

Asterix also has good resistance to various potato diseases such as cancer, golden nematode and fusarium. However, it is moderately susceptible to leaf-rolling virus and phomose. Its only drawback is its strong susceptibility to the Y virus.

In addition to all the above advantages, the Asterix potato variety has a high marketable yield. At the same time, the cost of potatoes is quite affordable for all segments of the population.

Most agro-industrial complexes consider Asterix a valuable potato variety.

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