Almonds pink foam, planting and care, methods of propagation, are the fruits edible

Almonds pink foam, planting and care, methods of propagation, are the fruits edible

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There are many beautiful ornamental plants and shrubs that can beautify any garden. This article discusses the features of almond pink foam, planting, and care.


  • Almond Pink foam, variety description and photo
  • How does a plant propagate, where to buy a seedling
  • We grow almonds pink foam in the open field, planting and care
  • Are almonds edible? Pink foam

Almond Pink foam, variety description and photo

Luiseania, or another name for Pink Foam, is an ornamental almond that grows as a small tree or shrub. This culture came from Northern China; tourists brought it to Europe in the nineteenth century.

The plant is thermophilic, so it should be planted in an area where there is a lot of sunlight. Frost-resistant varieties have recently been bred, but they require maximum care and special agricultural technology.

Due to dampness, the bushes are more often attacked by insects, which leads to disease and death.

The plant is very beautiful, the height of the tree is no more than two meters. In the middle of spring, fragrant and lush inflorescences appear. The flowers are bushy and have bright shades of pink. In the fourth year, fruits appear.

A feature of such almonds is the self-destruction of old shoots and their replacement with root shoots, as a result the plant becomes strong and can be planted singly.

Detailed information about almonds, growing and care - in the video:

How does a plant propagate, where to buy a seedling

The plant reproduces in several ways:

  • budding;
  • seeds;
  • layering.


This method is performed in the middle of summer. To make budding, it is necessary to use a seedling that is at least one year old, and its root thickness is at least one centimeter.

On the neck of the root, at a height of about ten centimeters from the main root, a neat incision is made, in the form of the letter T. Now, a kidney that was cut from an almond is inserted into the incision. The place of budding is covered with a film and left for a month and a half. A vegetative bud can also be grafted onto cherry plum and plum trees.


For propagation, you can collect from mature trees or purchase ready-made material in the store. Sowing is carried out in the spring or autumn.

If the seeds are planted in the spring, then before that the seed should be stored at a temperature of -2 ... -7 degrees for several months. This will allow the seed to adapt and take root faster. If disembarkation takes place in the fall, such preparation is not carried out.

Let's watch a video on how to grow almonds from a stone:


Roots are used for layering. You need to take the lower shoots, press them down and dig in with earth. After a few years, the cuttings should put down their own roots, but you should not cut them off from the main bush, since the roots are still weak, you need to wait another year before cutting.

In order for the plant to reproduce well, it is important to initially acquire a healthy and strong seedling. This can be done at a specialist gardening store, or ordered from an online store.

We grow almonds pink foam in the open field, planting and care

The pink foam variety needs constant maintenance. It all starts with soil preparation and site selection.

The following types of soil are used for almonds:

  • sandy;
  • dry;
  • rocky;
  • gravelly;
  • clayey.

As a site, you need to choose the sunny side, the shrub should be in the shade for no more than three hours during daylight hours. With a lack of heat and light, productivity decreases and growth deteriorates.

The bush must be planted in a hole, the depth of which is at least 30 cm. The width is selected individually for the seedling, depending on the diameter of the root system. Sand and gravel should be poured into the bottom of the hole as drainage. Then the hole is watered and mulched.

Care recommendations.

WateringIt is carried out as needed, during the heat it is watered more often, during the rainy season - much less
PruningSince almonds love light, it is important to regularly prune thick branches. Pruning is carried out at the end of May, after the end of flowering.
Spraying plants from diseases and pestsAphids and powdery mildew are especially dangerous for almonds. The spraying procedure should be carried out every 14 days during the flowering period. If insects have damaged the plant, then the affected areas must be cut off.
HillingAfter watering, you need to puff the soil near the root and remove all weeds.
Top dressingFor fertilization, substances based on potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen are used.
Preparing for winterIt is necessary to tie the crown, and wrap it up in severe frost. Tied branches will not break during strong winds or a lot of snow.

Are almonds edible pink foam

The fruits of almonds are not only edible, but also healthy. Nuts are used as a seasoning, as an additive in dishes, they are eaten dried.

Also, oil is made from the fruit, which is used for cosmetic purposes. You need to harvest the fruits in late August or early September.

Useful properties of fruits:

  • The composition contains a large amount of vitamins B and E, which is good for nails and hair.
  • Improves lactation during hepatitis B.
  • Used as a sedative.
  • They cleanse blood vessels and blood.
  • Fruits are very nutritious as they contain fats and proteins.
  • Walnut seeds in men increase potency.
  • Used as a choleretic agent.
  • Normalize the work of the brain.

Nuts have useful properties only when raw; after heat treatment, all useful qualities disappear.

However, not everyone is safe to eat almonds.


  • It is not recommended to use the product for people suffering from allergies.
  • If you collect the fruits ahead of time, you can get poisoned with hydrocyanic acid. Therefore, you need to take a responsible attitude to harvesting, the fruit is considered ready to eat if its outer skin has dried and cracked.
  • Caution should be exercised in obese people, as there are 609 calories per 100 grams of nuts.

If consumed in moderation, there should be no health problems.

So, pink foam almonds are a great option for your garden. This bush will delight not only with its beauty, but with tasty and healthy fruits.

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