Juniper skyrocket, what it looks like, characteristics, planting and care rules, reviews

Juniper skyrocket, what it looks like, characteristics, planting and care rules, reviews

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Many gardeners prefer to use large ornamental plants to decorate their garden.

For example, conifers are perfect for this, in particular the skyrocket juniper.

It is attractive for its ability to maintain a bright color all year round, it also has the ability to cleanse the air from harmful impurities.

Let's take a closer look at what this shrub looks like and how to care for it.


  • Juniper skyrocket, description and photo
  • Where to buy, how to plant correctly
  • Basic rules of care
  • Juniper rocky skyrocket in landscape design
  • Juniper skyrocket as a hedge
  • Reviews of juniper rocky skyrocket

Juniper skyrocket, description and photo

Juniper grows in the mountains of Mexico and the United States. The plant is frost-resistant, evergreen and is a coniferous crop.

Among the features of the plant, we note:

  • Flexible and durable barrel.
  • The root system is located close to the surface, therefore, in strong winds, the shrub sways strongly, and the roots loosen. Ultimately, the juniper can take on an ugly shape and break.
  • The needles are blue.
  • Branches begin to grow at the base. Shoots grow quickly, especially if the plant is more than four years old. For the first few years, growth is unnoticeable.

The crown of the skyrocket is one meter in diameter. Features of the plant in growth and height: in 20 years, the tree grows up to eight meters. In natural, natural conditions, juniper can grow more than 20 meters in height.

More details about rocky juniper - in the video:

Where to buy, how to plant correctly

You can buy quality seedlings at specialized online stores or garden centers. The main thing is to pay attention to the variety and quality of the product.

Delivery method is an important factor. The juniper must be well packed so that it is not injured during transportation.

Before buying, you need to contact a consultant who will select the appropriate option.

It is important to buy a young seedling, its height should be no more than one meter.

The plant is unpretentious to the quality and type of soil. But it is preferable to use slightly acidic soil, but if there is no such soil, then you do not need to buy it on purpose.

Great demand for light. For planting, you need to select a well-lit place, protected from drafts. It is advisable to plant on the south side.

Landing requires compliance with the following rules:

  • Dig a hole a few days before disembarkation. It is important that the pit is spacious and that the root system has freedom. The depth is one meter.
  • The drainage layer is poured to the bottom.
  • Remove the tree from the container by transferring it. Plant in a pit together with an old clod of soil.
  • It is not necessary to deepen the plant too much, the root system should look ten centimeters above the surface.
  • From above, the seedling is covered with nutritious soil and compacted.
  • Now abundant watering follows.
  • It is important to make a support in the center and fix the trunk, this will create stability.

On the second day, you will have to add soil, as it will settle due to watering and the roots will be exposed.

Mulch using wood chips, peat or dry foliage. The layer is not less than five centimeters. Landing is complete, now a lot depends on leaving.

Basic rules of care

Although the plant is unpretentious, the following manipulations are still required:

  • watering;
  • sanitary type pruning;
  • fertilizer input;
  • preparation for the winter;
  • prevention of diseases.

Let's consider each individual case in more detail.

Watering should be moderate. The first year the plant is poured regularly, during the hot period, the crown is additionally sprayed. A mature tree needs watering several times over the summer. Pruning is carried out in early April, until the growing season begins. Injured and diseased branches are cut with pruning shears.

Fertilizers are introduced annually in April, after pruning. As a top dressing, a special agent intended for coniferous crops is used. Powdered and granular substances are sprinkled near the trunk, and then watering is carried out.

For the winter, you need to tie up the branches and cover with burlap. In this form, branches are not injured with a large amount of snow.

To protect the plant from insects and diseases, copper-based preparations and insecticides are used.

Reproduction is carried out by cuttings. Other methods are irrelevant.

Compliance with these rules will allow the juniper to always look attractive.

Juniper rocky skyrocket in landscape design

In landscape design, such a juniper is used to create alleys in adjoining territories and in parks. Due to their high growth, the trees provide shelter from the sun's rays, and the evergreen needles create an attractive appearance.

Designers recommend using the plant as follows:

  • place one by one;
  • apply as a group landing;
  • to create an alpine slide;
  • in Japanese-style gardens.

Before planting in these cases, it is important to take into account all the details so that it turns out to be practical and beautiful.

Juniper skyrocket as a hedge

Due to its high growth, a beautiful hedge can be made from juniper. Instead of a stone or wooden fence, there will be a decorative evergreen fence.

You can also make a beautiful alley or arch in front of the entrance to the house, which will also add sophistication.

Let's watch an interesting video about creating a skyrocket juniper hedge:

Reviews of juniper rocky skyrocket

Veronica writes on the forum for summer residents: A couple of years ago I bought a summer cottage where a beautiful coniferous tree grew. Since I did not know what kind of tree it was, it quickly lost its presentability. I decided to find this species on the Internet, it was a skyrocket juniper. I began to care for the plant in accordance with the instructions. The tree has changed, I like it.

Maria: I planted such a plant five years ago. 2 years did not give any growth. But then the branches began to grow sharply, and stretch upward. Now the juniper is 4 meters, and the crown is almost 1 meter wide. It is now my favorite plant in the garden.

So, skyrocket juniper is a very beautiful ornamental plant. If you take care of it properly, it will delight its owner all year round with beauty and originality.

Watch the video: Field Characteristics of Common Plant Families in New Mexico with Jan Martenson (May 2022).