Onion agrotechnology

Onion agrotechnology

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The concept of "onion agrotechnology" means the technology of onion cultivation, the main goal of which is to achieve maximum yield at the lowest labor and financial costs.

Fertile soil and quality planting material are fundamental factors for a good onion yield.

Before planting, the soil must be well dug up and loosened, preventing the formation of even small lumps of soil. It will be good if the land was previously fertilized with organic fertilizers. You should know that onions are a light-loving culture, but you need to be careful with watering. Onions need good watering at the initial stage of growth, but during the formation of the bulb, the plant will need much less water.

Onion farming techniques differ depending on how they are grown. So, to obtain young onion sprouts, seeds are used that have been soaked in water in advance and well dried. However, this method is suitable for areas with long warm periods.

You can also purchase an annual small onion, which in turn was grown from seeds. Such planting material should be well dried and strong. It should be planted in the beds as early as possible - in the first warm April days. The harvest time can be determined by the aerial part of the onion - as a rule, the onion is ripe if the tops are on the ground.

Onions can also be grown from seedlings - this is the best way to get a good harvest of leeks. First, the roots are cut off the seedlings and the onion feathers are slightly shortened. With this method, it is important to provide the plant with good watering.

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