How to grow strawberries at home. Is it possible?

How to grow strawberries at home. Is it possible?

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Strawberries are one of the first and most delicious berries of the summer season. But lately, many people have been trying to speculate on the people's love for this berry, constantly trying to sell seedlings of non-existent in nature "curly strawberries" or to distribute books about technologies for growing strawberries in an apartment. Moreover, many authors teach how to grow strawberries at home, but not one has yet written that he succeeded. These attempts remind me of the well-known adage that the one who does not know how to do something teaches how to do something, and the one who does not know how to teach teaches how to teach.

Yes, you can sow seeds or plant a mustache at home, in some kind of container, albeit in plastic bags, as recommended in some books. Strawberries are evergreens, and of course they will not wither, but will grow. But how can she bloom? This requires a certain temperature and light conditions, which are very difficult to maintain in an apartment, because it will no longer be an apartment, but a greenhouse, where strawberries, of course, will bloom, but what will a person's life turn into? Could you live in a greenhouse?

Consider one more nuance when planning how to grow strawberries at home. Even if you managed to make it bloom, then in order for the berries to set, the flowers need to be pollinated. Let's even assume that you have chosen self-pollinating varieties in advance. All the same, you have to either pollinate them with a brush, or turn on the fan to spread the pollen, or start a bee hive in the apartment. It is clear that it is impossible to live with bees, the fan is extremely unreliable, and many flowers cannot be pollinated with a brush. So it turns out that the home cultivation of strawberries, and even on an industrial scale, is just a myth, a distribution for money.

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