The benefits of strawberries

The benefits of strawberries

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While enjoying this aromatic and tasty berry, few people wonder what the benefits of strawberries are. But this is an excellent natural prophylactic agent for diseases of the organs of vision and diseases of an oncological nature.

Strawberries are recommended for women during pregnancy, as the folate they contain prevents the occurrence of birth defects in the fetus.

Due to the high content of vitamins, strawberries are able to increase the body's natural resistance to external factors. Strawberries compensate for the lack of vitamins during seasonal vitamin deficiencies.

The benefits of strawberries are due to the presence of iodine in its pulp, which is necessary for the full functioning of the nervous system and brain, which is especially important for elderly people.

Strawberries help with problems with sexual arousal. Here, the reproductive system is influenced by zinc contained in the small seeds of the berry.

During the fruiting season, strawberries can be used as a full-fledged natural cosmetic. It is enough just to knead the berries and apply them to the skin of the face and hands. After such uncomplicated and pleasant procedures, the skin will thank you with extraordinary elasticity, and there will be no trace of annoying acne.

Strawberries have the ability to lower blood sugar levels, which is why they are very beneficial for diabetes.

However, for all the benefits of this berry, do not forget that it is a fairly allergenic food product. In the event of a rash, it is worth giving up its use for a while and seek the advice of a doctor.

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