Delicious strawberries on the balcony - quite real

Delicious strawberries on the balcony - quite real

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You can also grow delicious, natural berries in the urban jungle, don't you believe? Then try, following the advice, plant strawberries on your balcony and you will be surprised at the harvest.

Strawberries on the balcony need special care, which is different from growing this crop in open areas. And the choice of varieties suitable for the balcony plays an important role.

Variety selection

For limited space, it is worth choosing varieties that bear fruit throughout the growing season, have compact bushes and, preferably, do not let out a mustache. The factor of resistance to diseases and pests is also important. Strawberry varieties such as Maralla, Rimona, Bordurella are suitable for a city balcony. Strawberries that produce tendrils are usually ampelous and require a lot of space. If you have suitable conditions, then you can choose the varieties Kletter Star-2000 or Frapendula. They bear fruit within a few months.

Features of caring for strawberries grown on the balcony

Strawberries on the balcony are grown in containers of different shapes, these can be pots for flowerpots, containers, etc. They can be attached vertically, on top of each other (for non-ampelous varieties). As a substrate for the berries, it is best to use soil-grass with peat, sod land and equal parts and half of the sand. Before planting, the mixture is treated with potassium permanganate.

If you plant strawberry seedlings, then you need to keep the distance between the plants, at least 15 cm from each other. The berry must be watered systematically, preventing the soil from drying out. Fertilize strawberries with ammonium nitrate or superphosphate.

When the balcony is open, the strawberries need to be covered, for this they make a shelter from the film on wire arcs, it prevents the urban environment from contaminating the berries.After the first harvest, the antennae and lateral leaves are removed.

Boxes with strawberries overwinter at a temperature of -2 +2 degrees.

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