How to plant garlic correctly

How to plant garlic correctly

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Who among us doesn't like garlic? Perhaps such a person will be difficult to find, despite the pungent smell of this culture. How to plant garlic correctly to get a rich harvest?

Before planting garlic, be sure to follow the crop rotation rule. In no case should you place garlic in the same place where it grew last year, as well as in the beds where onions grew. This culture does not like to grow after beets, carrots. The most successful place for garlic will be the earth after all types of cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, since it contains organic matter that was introduced under the predecessor.

Experienced gardeners know how to plant garlic, before planting, the cloves must be treated with potassium permanganate in order to exclude unwanted diseases; teeth from a decayed bulb are not suitable for planting. All the teeth that are prepared for planting must be carefully examined in order to identify rot on them, planting material with fusarium will not work. Overripe garlic is poorly stored, so you need to plant it on time.

In the beds for garlic, you need to make grooves, cover them with sand and pour a little with a solution of potassium permanganate. It also does not hurt to add ash and lime to the soil.

Garlic, which grows on loamy and sandy loamy soils, gives a good harvest.

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