How to tie up tomatoes correctly

How to tie up tomatoes correctly

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From early spring, summer cottages literally come to life, people dig, loosen, plant in order to get a good harvest in summer and autumn. But the point here is different, you need to know how to care for the plants, how to feed them, how often to water, if you want to grow large and tasty tomatoes, then you need to know how to tie the tomatoes correctly.

In theory, amateur gardeners know when to plant, how to grow tomatoes, and are often even satisfied with the result of their labor, but if you do everything right and master some tricks, you can significantly increase the tomato harvest.

If everything is more or less clear with the cultivation of seedlings and planting time, then few people know how to tie up tomatoes correctly.

There are several important points here.

• it is necessary to ensure that the fruits do not come into contact with the ground;
• even undersized tomato bushes need to be tied up;
• for tying, you cannot use wire, fishing line and thin ropes, it is better to cut old nylon tights, which every woman has a lot of;
• not used for tying ropes from last season to avoid possible contamination.

If you tie up even small bushes, then a powerful root system begins to form in them, they become stronger, therefore, more nutrients are delivered to the tomatoes. The peg must be driven into the ground already when planting tomatoes, about 10 cm from the bush and immediately tied up with a figure eight. You can also use trellises for tying tomatoes, in this case, the consumption of the rope will decrease.

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