Planting currants by cuttings. A few simple rules

Planting currants by cuttings. A few simple rules

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Planting currant cuttings - the process is quite simple, it will be within the power of even not too experienced gardeners, however, it will require compliance with a few simple rules. So, annual shoots that have sufficient length are best cut and planted not in spring, but in early autumn, around mid-September (it should also be borne in mind that red and white currants take root somewhat worse than black currants, so these varieties are best planted as early as possible) ... Immediately after cutting, the shoots must be cut, preferably not with a pruner, but with a sharp knife, on cuttings at least 20 centimeters long with 5-6 buds, at the same time, the very tip of the shoot, which has not yet had time to mature enough, should not be taken.

Planting currants by cuttings requires adherence to one prerequisite: cuttings in no case can not be over-dried, before planting, which is best done directly on the day of harvesting, they should be kept in a cool place or in a container with water.

Prepared cuttings are planted in rows at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from each other so that they are tilted to the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. At the same time, at least 60-70 centimeters of free space should remain between the rows. Only two buds should be left above the soil, with one of them directly above the ground. Land around future bushes must be squeezed tightly and then watered well (in the future, especially in the first months after planting, the soil must be constantly kept moist and loosened regularly) and mulch with clean peat.

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