Ornamental and ornamental garlic

Ornamental and ornamental garlic

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Since ancient times, garlic has been famous for its nobility, and the presence of garlic at home symbolized well-being and prosperity. Therefore, decorative garlic is very often grown at home, although more often it is grown as a full-fledged plant that bears fruit.

This type of plant is an ornamental bulbous plant. Decorative garlic, like ordinary garlic, loves light, so it grows very poorly in the shade. To grow garlic, a temperature of 22-25 degrees is required. For this plant, excessive moisture is unfavorable. It is advisable to change the planting site of the garlic every 2 years.

Garlic is watered very rarely - only 2 or 3 times per season, but at the same time watering should be abundant.
The main thing in growing garlic is loosening the soil. This must be done up to 8 times per season. Be sure to loosen after rains or just after watering. If you want to get a garlic bulb, then be sure to also pick off the flower arrows that come out of the bulb. Since if you do not pick them off, then the garlic will grow very small in size.

At the same time, flower arrows can be used in food as a substitute for garlic. Secondly, infusions are often made on flower arrows, which are used for pest control.

Garlic can be harvested as early as August if it is winter garlic. If it is spring, then it is harvested a month later. From one square meter, you can collect up to one and a half kilograms.
You can also grow just a decorative flower that will not bear fruit, but at the same time will green up your home. And its bloom will look charming, no worse than ordinary flowers.

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