Blackberry agricultural technology and its features

Blackberry agricultural technology and its features

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From seedling sellers blackberry you can hear quite amazing things, they claim that in one collection a bush can give up to 2-3 kg of berries, and in a season the harvest can be 35-60, or even all 100 kg of berries. Reference books give a much lower yield, and even then, not from a bush, but from a square meter.

With industrial cultivation, this figure can be close to 4 kg, experienced gardeners can get up to 8 kg of berries. With industrial methods of growing blackberries, its yield per one hundred square meters from 70 to 240 kg... In reality, on a garden plot, even with proper care, the yield most likely will not exceed 160-180 kg.

But what about the myths about 100 kg of berries? Most likely they mean here climbing varieties, provided that blackberry agricultural technology corresponds to a high level

  • plants receive a lot of moisture
  • in autumn the soil is abundantly fertilized
  • in the summer the bush receives 5-6 dressings
  • a huge area is allocated for the bush, on which numerous shoots are located.

But even so 1 bush can produce 50-70 kg of berries... Experienced gardeners claim that 2-3 bushes located in the same area can give a larger yield. And besides, caring for them will be much easier than for a large number of long lashes.

To obtain good yields, blackberry agrotechnics must be followed., although it does not have any particular difficulties, some of its features must be taken into account.

  • Fruiting occurs on two-year-old shoots. At the end of the harvest, they must be cut, removed from the site and burned.
  • The shortening of the stems must be done according to the recommendations of specialists.
  • An important point in caring for a plant is pinching, which leads to an increase in the fruiting zone.
  • During the flowering period and after it, as well as during the ripening of berries, the plant must be provided with sufficient watering.
  • High yields of blackberries cannot be obtained without the introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers.
  • The soil near the plant must be cultivated and kept clean, it is also useful to mulch it.

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